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How Homecare Agencies Can Gracefully Discuss The Changes In Client Condition And The Cost Implications

Jun 02, 2022

When a family hires a homecare agency it is your job to be sure that you are providing all of the services that are promised during the admission process. The relationships with families are built early on starting with who you place in the home with the client and the communication you share with them when they are unhappy.


Make sure the aide you place in the home is appropriate

Lots of variables for you to consider.  Perhaps the client would be happier with a male versus a female.  Can your client understand an aide with a strong accent when trying to communicate a need?  Maybe your client is hard of hearing, so placing a soft spoken aide in the home wouldn’t be conducive.  If the client is happy with their aide and they have a good relationship it makes for good cooperation with the plan of care and is easier to complete the tasks.


Allow time for follow up with the family

Make a visit with the family to make sure they are satisfied with the...

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Indicators Help Is Needed At Home

May 31, 2022

This is a difficult topic to talk about with your siblings and even more difficult to talk to mom.  You have to keep in mind that they have been doing the same routine for the last 50 years and as they age, the mind doesn’t accept the fact that they need assistance now or in the future.  It is our responsibility to make sure that they are always safe at home, and the diseases that they have are being managed so they are not in hospital.  There are many variables with these indicators.  Make sure if you live in close proximity to your loved one you set a standard of visiting at least every two weeks in the beginning.  Pick a day and make it special for them.  Maybe a lunch,  or take them out for a burger.  Believe me when I say it will become part of their routine and they will look forward to your visits.  During your visit you will need to assess them each time. While you're there you can offer to balance their checkbook which will...

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Meal Planning for Seniors

May 27, 2022

As we age, our bodies go through many changes that are inevitable.  The very best thing we can do to keep the changes to a minimum or prevent progression of the diseases we already have is to eat right.  Now the challenges with this occur with life changes.  A hospitalization or injury that was unexpected which prevents us from performing certain tasks, an onset of depression caused from this illness or losing a significant other, or a pandemic that isolates us from the outside world.


Our diet should contain certain things to maintain our strength and endurance, prevent disease progression, maintain cognitive abilities, and prevent new health problems.  The diet should include protein to maintain muscle mass, and also foods containing vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Stay away from foods containing added sugar, saturated fats and sodium.  Hydration is also very important to keep your body functioning normally.


Here's some helpful tips to...

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The Preparation Stage

May 26, 2022

Trying to navigate through situations that change your world as you know it can be very  difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could refer to resources to assist you and your family? This  is only a small resource to help guide you with the planning for situations that may occur with  your loved one now and through their end. The first step would actually occur before any emergencies or diagnosis occurs that may not  end the way you plan for it. The first step is the preparation step. 


Even though it is very difficult, you need to have the discussion with your loved ones as to  exactly what their personal wishes or requests are for end of life decisions. You can print an  advance directive, also referred to as a living will, to help guide you with the questions you will  need to present to your loved one to obtain their personal preferences.

The website is: and you have to select the state you reside in....

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