Modern Technology Can Be Overwhelming

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2023

Modern Technology Can Be Overwhelming


Let’s talk about how our world has changed and how it has affected our seniors.  The days are long gone where we go buy something at the store and just pay for our purchases.  Even paying for groceries becomes overwhelming with the amount of steps and the process involved with using any kind of card and completing the eighteen questions asked on the machine.   What people need to understand is, we all need a little bit of compassion and understanding with all the processes that are expected to be completed.  The actual personnel in customer service need to be able to listen to what is being communicated to them, and be kind enough to provide the assistance that may be required  to complete a task.  Senior citizens want to remain independent as long as possible, which means going to the doctor themselves,  doing their own shopping and banking.  What is needed on the other end is kindness, understanding and compassion.   Ask to accompany them to the doctor appointments,  provide assistance in the bank or the grocery store if  needed.  You will be surprised at how the tasks will be completed independently just knowing someone is there to help if needed.  

 Senior citizens that go to appointments independently have not lost their intellectual ability, however performing the modern day technology takes a lot longer to complete and if the senior gets frustrated with himself or the process it makes it so much more difficult to complete.  I was recently in a doctors office and since my last visit they changed the whole check in process.  Patients were now expected to check themselves in for the appointment.  First you need to have some kind of device that can take you to the appropriate website.  Then the process was intense.  My drivers license needed to be uploaded, and then my insurance cards.  The whole time I was completing the check in I was thinking about how someone my elder would have been able to do this.  Families buy inexpensive devices for their loved ones so they have a phone for any kind of emergency.  Not all seniors are equipped for the processes that are expected of them in today's world.  Then sometimes even if they are lucky enough to have one of the newest devices, they really don’t completely understand all the functions because the person that sold it to them was quick at explaining and the senior didn’t want to feel incompetent while in the store in front of others.  It is frightening getting old when everything is changing around you and your understanding of technology is minimal.  Compassion, kindness and patience will go a very long way.  Try your very best not to be condescending with the seniors.  I think it is best said that understanding all the pains of aging and all the changes that take place will never be comprehended until you walk in the shoes of a senior one day.  Most of you have that senior close to you so make sure you ask consistently if they need help with anything.  Always assist with compassion.  Try not to make them feel mindless for not understanding the first time it is explained to them.  With kindness we can all get through the difficult times in today's world.  Our seniors still have so much to offer and with assistance from others will stay sharper longer with the  good understanding from others.


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