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Sep 22, 2022

I am sure the issue of safety of seniors at home is always a concern.   Modern day social media allows an open platform to discuss mental health issues in this country.  People are more aware of the tragic events that take place on a frequent basis.  Caregivers  need to be diligent in dealing  with the mental health issues of our loved ones as much as the physical health issues they experience.   I can assure you that this will take effort and regularly on your part.  Be sure to frequently talk to your seniors about life.  It will take a consistent conversation to pick up any changes with them.  Sometimes an untreated depression can lead to tragic results.  If the conversation at all sounds hopeless or dark you must intervene and get them to see their doctor right away.  


Depression in the elderly has many signs and symptoms.  Seclusion, no appetite, not wanting to perform the tasks they usually do during the...

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