Covid Through The Eyes Of A Senior

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2022

 The uncertain times we live in is frightening for all of us but the isolation which was necessary during the midst of covid has been devastating to the senior population.


     First let’s look at the seniors who live alone but are somewhat independent with their needs and continue with the ability to drive a vehicle.  Covid comes to town and they are told that life as they know it is shutting down.  What they experience is total isolation from others.  No chats at the grocery store,  or the pharmacist at the local drug store when going to pick up a prescription.  They can’t just jump in the car and go to visit family or their friends.  The only thing left is to watch the television which is absolutely horrifying due to the constant talk of the pandemic accompanied by massive loss of life.  It is really scary to process all of this when you are completely by yourself.


     Now let’s look at the seniors who we have placed into facilities because their needs can no longer be met at home.  The cognitive seniors are now told they can no longer have meals in the dining room with their friends.  “What do you mean no bingo?”  Their whole routine as they know it is now shut down, with no activities and being alone in your apartment is your only option - total isolation.  There are no visitors allowed in the building so forget about the weekly dinner visit with your son or your weekend visit with the grandchildren.  All the workers have become very busy taking care of those who took ill with covid.  There is no time for socialization and the comfort of simple touch from others is completely gone or very restricted.  The isolation of the cognitively impaired seniors is much more challenging.  They are much more cautious about letting people into their worlds, and now these people that they trusted to take care of them on a daily basis are no longer there.  There are aliens covered from head to toe in surgical protective gear where the only thing showing is their eyes which makes them totally unrecognizable.  Sometimes they are even separated from significant others that may be living in a different part of the building due to the isolation.


What most people don’t understand is that many seniors suffered severe depression as a result of the pandemic.  The most important thing that was missing from all the routines was the warm compassionate  touch that believe it or not has a much more significant impact than the medications they take.


It only takes a brief moment during the day to give a comforted handshake or a hug to show the elderly they are not alone really does a world of good.  Let’s all try to remember that as we age our needs significantly decrease.  The most important part of the week is to see family, and get the comforting hugs needed to survive another week.  Just the smile you will observe let’s you know we have made a difference and made their day.


We all have to remember what this pandemic has done to our world.  Repairing the effects will take a long time.   Always make a conscious effort to show kindness and humanity to the elderly and have them smile back at you- - - then you will know you have succeeded in making their day beautiful.


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